Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Carlton House Mystery - Keeper Notes

This post really is just a few musings on the Carlton House Mystery, pretty much for my own use.


Main Protagonist: Zedock Maynard (Walter Corbitt)

Secondary Protagonist: Reverend Ezekial Marksham, priest at the Chapel of Contemplation, Nelson Street, Blackheath.  Executor of the last testament of Zedock Maynard (Rev. Michael Thomas in 'The Haunting').

NPC: Joseph Williamson Esq.  Land agent for George, the Fifth Earl Cadogan, owner of Carlton House.

NPC: Edmund Gower, Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of London and President of the Society for Psychical Research.


Early Spring, 1890 - Scenario begins.

6th December 1889 - Rose Lane goes insane - babbling of 'burning eyes' staring at her.  Committed to Bethlem Royal Hospital (Bedlam).(Macario family in 'The Haunting').

21st October 1889 - John Lane attacks lamp-lighter with knife.  Committed to Bethlem Royal Hospital (Bedlam).

14th May 1885 - Albert Leyton commits suicide in upstairs bedroom.

1879 - Trencher family move into property but leave within a month as all are struck down with serious illness.

1869 - Marchent family move into property, but husband and wife fall ill within a year and family move out.

29th April 1865 - James and Enid Tredman found dead in upstairs bedroom.  Children in nursery in catatonic state. (French immigrants in 'The Haunting').

1856 - Zedock Maynard dies.  Neighbours contest his desire to be buried in the house's cellar.

1844 - Neighbours complain to authorities about Maynard's 'curious habits and unauspicious demeanor'.


Carlton House, St George's Square, Pimlico.

Chapel of Contemplation, Nelson Street, Blackheath.  Closed in 1882 following a criminal investigation into the disappearance of many vagrants in the area (one was a fallen gentleman, prompting the investigation).

New Scotland Yard: Information about closure of Chapel of Contemplation, and conviction of Reverend Ezekial Marksham.

The Principle Registry, High Holborn, London.  Information about the will of Zedock Maynard.

Westminster Reference Library, St Martins' Street, London (Chinatown).  References in local newspapers and penny sheets to the history of Carlton House, including law suits brought against Zedock Maynard.

The London Standard (factitious), Fleet Street, London.  Newspaper articles about previous incidents at Carlton House.

Bethlem Royal Hospital, St George's Fields, Southwark.  Where John and Rose Lane are committed.

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