Monday, 6 February 2012

Player Handouts for the Carlton House Mystery - Contains SPOILERS!

What I love most about Call of Cthulhu is the atmosphere of the game.

To my mind this can only be helped by the provision to the characters of well-crafted handouts and player aids.  With that in mind I've set about making a list of the various items I could produce for the Carlton House Mystery, and so far I've come up with the following:-

  1. A floor plan of the property, suitably 'in period'.  Not sure at this stage if it'll go beyond the structural details.
  2. Police report on the raid on the Chapel of Contemplation.
  3. Newspaper articles about previous incidents at the house.
  4. A photoshop'd image of the symbol found at the site of the Chapel of Contemplation.
Actually that's quite a lot of effort but hopefully it'll be worthwhile doing, and in creating these handouts I'm hoping to learn some very useful skills which will carry through into other adventures.

First task is to get the symbol image done.  Never really having used Photoshop before I'm sure that won't be as easy as it looks, so I'll be looking up so PS tutorials.  Have to start somewhere though!

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