Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cthulhu Play By Post Rules

While waiting for my Photoshop purchase to arrive, I've was thinking about 'The Carlton House Mystery', my proposed Cthulhu By Gaslight adaptation of the classic introductory scenario 'The Haunting'.

Firstly, having never run a Cthulhu scenario, either face-to-face or Play by Post (PBP), I've been thinking about the best way to run the posting regime.  I've looked at a couple of forums and the games played PBP within them, and have decided on the following recommendations for Player players:-
  1. All posts should start with the posting Character's name in bold typeface.
  2. Any names in posts should be written in bold typeface.
  3. Out of character text in an' in character' post should be in red typeface.
  4. Any speech should be in blue typeface.
  5. Any in-character thoughts should be in green typeface.
  6. If a Player neglects to post for a period of 3 days when a post is required by the narrative I will post on behalf of that Player.  This is purely to keep the game moving and I will do my best to keep the character out of harm's way.
  7. All character die rolls should be made at http// with a link to the result included in the post.  Please don't attempt to interpret any die rolls once they're made, unless specifically instructed. 
I hope this doesn't sound too restrictive and that it doesn't lead to too many multi-coloured posts.  

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