Friday, 10 February 2012

A Slight Delay

Keen as I am to start running the Carlton House Mystery, I'm also wanting to do it justice with some nice online props/handouts.

I'm therefore planning to create some using Photoshop, but the learning curve with that program is quite steep, as I've been finding out.   To help me along I've ordered a copy of  'Photoshop for Dummies', which is now on it's way to me, and I'm hoping it's more useful than a lot of the online tutorials I've found.  These all seem to be aimed at people who already have some competence in the program, rather than absolute beginners like me.

Hence a slight delay in commencing the scenario while I get to grips with things.  But better to get it right, than get it quick!  


  1. Of all the genres I've run over the decades, including the crunchy Champions, CoC has taken the most research, printing of art and photos, etc. I want my next game to maybe take place in the Jersey pine barrens, so I'm having to research like hell. It's very rewarding though. And encounter hooks come out of nowhere.

  2. Thanks for the comment Brunomac.

    One of the things that makes CoC stand out from other games (and there are many) is the time Keepers and Players put into background, props, etc. For someone like me, and I suspect like yourself, who enjoys realism (within context of course) and depth to their games this hits the spot.

    Since my chosen genre is Gaslight I also intend to re-read "London in the 19th Century" by Jerry White. From memory it dispelled a lot of rose-tinted misconceptions about the city being a paragon of Victorian virtue, and told the real story of a grimy, gritty, dark metropolis of extreme contrasts.